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I finally did it …

Posted in General by conorpower on November 9, 2009

I finally quit my job!

After a long time feeling like I should make the move and get back into software development rather than consultancy I’ve finally decided to do it.

I had been with my company for 4.5 years and was one of the founders along with 4 others. This coupled with my sense of loyalty and the feeling of some level of security made it a difficult decision to finally take. Having made the decision I felt a great sense of relief and feeling that I’d done the right thing and am now truly excited for what’s in store. Not that it was that bad but it just came to the point where I needed a change and had had enough of the consultancy business. Time to get back into software development proper …

All things considered, it’s been an eventful couple of weeks, quitting my job AND starting a blog! Having been doing consultancy work in the enterprise software market for the last 4.5  years, specifically in the content management space, I’ve had so many conversations with clients about the benefits of social media such as blogging, tagging, rating and user generated content in general, though I had yet to really understand what the benefits were first hand. In  other words eat my my own dog food and try my own hand at it to try and get a better understanding for why we do it and in the process uncover the reality behind the hype.

As for topics, well now that I’m on the look out for my next gig and have time to do some research into the areas that I’m really interested in, I plan to dedicate most of my bloggings to my experiences in this regard. Hopefully this will be something that comes naturally to me rather than hard labor … and something that perhaps other people will benefit from also!

Famous last words, as this could well be my first and last entry … time will tell!


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